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Pic-A-Talk is an assistive mobile application for children with complex communication needs, such as children with autism, learning disabilities, and speech delay.

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In Lea’s Shoes

Pic-A-Talk started out as a school project where we were asked to come up with a solution to any pain or struggle we experience on a daily basis using technology. As someone who was content with her life, I was stumped. So I asked my mother for advice and she put me in the shoes of my little sister, Lea.

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Pic-A-Talk’s ultimate objective is to be an effective and reliable communication tool that’s easy to use and navigate for day-to-day activities.


Communicate wherever you are! Pic-A-Talk is downloadable on your smartphone..


Learn new words! Access a wide range vocabulary, categorized neatly, through a single screen.


Personalize it! Upload new words, images and icons that you’re familiar with for ease of use.


Learn and communicate in any language you want.

Getting Started

Getting started with a mobile app can be a bit overwhelming, but with a few key steps, you’ll be on your way in no time. Here’s a brief guide to help you get started:

Download Pic-A-Talk

Pic-A-Talk is currently available on Google Play for mobile and tablet devices operating under the Android system. It will be soon available on App Store.

Email Verification

Check your email to verify your account. If you’re unable to find the verification email, try checking the Spam folder. Follow and open the link included in the email.

Account Registration

Create an account for your special ones as easily as ABC! With an active email address, you can now connect with them quickly, easily, and modernly. 

Account Settings

Log in to your account using the email and password you’ve provided. Input your details or your special one’s details to personalize the account.

Our Pricing Plan

We offer three pricing plans for our mobile app: Free, Monthly, and Yearly. We also offer a 30-day free trial for all plans, so you can try them out risk-free and see which plan is right for you. Choose the plan that best fits your needs and get started with our app today!

Consult With Us!

Book an online consultation with our partner clinics. You can choose from a variety of experts and have a one-on-one video call at the comfort fo your own home.


Changing lives, one family at a time

Very helpful for parents with non-verbal kids like me. I have twins under the Autism spectrum disorder

Loraine S.


 It’s a tool for Lea to enable us to understand her better. A platform of two way communication where I can upload pictures of things or events that she enjoys or do not like and use it to talk to her with emphasis and for her it works like a menu to order what she wants at a particular moment it’s up to us then to validate

Chebon Roa


Pic a talk helps my students imitate sounds of the alphabet together with the puzzle.. they will touch the letter then find the puzzle and fix

Dr. Fermina Aragon

Founder, Aragon Skills Therapy Center

One app, Countless stories

Pic-A-Talk just started out as a school project, but now it is a transformative AAC mobile application that continuously improves the lives of non-verbal individuals one pic at a time!

Pic-A-Talk Celebrates Autism Month with Medbay

Pic-A-Talk Celebrates Autism Month with Medbay

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All Aboard the Pic-A-Talk Train!

All Aboard the Pic-A-Talk Train!

Alps Tutorial House is a tutorial center that caters to elementary school students and children with special needs. It is owned by Teacher Lodi, an occupational therapist based in Iligan City. She aims to not just to educate children academically but also provide an...

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Pic-A-Talk is an assistive mobile application for children with complex communication needs, such as children with autism, learning disabilities, and speech delay.


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