Pic-A-Talk started out as a school project where we were asked to come up with a solution to any pain or struggle we experience on a daily basis using technology. As someone who was content with her life, I was stumped. So I asked my mother for advice and she put me in the shoes of my little sister, Lea.


to develop technology to improve the lives of those who need it the most


to help create a world that caters towards everyone’s needs


Uma came up with Pic-A-Talk as a school project which then introduced her to startups. Realizing how beneficial this would be to people who have the same experiences as her and her little sister, she decided to continue Pic-A-Talk and share it with the rest of the world.

The Backend Developer

Lyn believes that doing something without a clear reason why is a waste of time and effort. She has worked on Pic-A-Talk since its conception as a school project and knowing its background and the mission it advocates, Pic-A-Talk is something worth her while. She is our backend developer and works closely in developing Pic-A-Talk.

The Frontend Developer

Jen loves being useful, especially when it comes to something meaningful. She believes in using her knowledge for the greater good, just like Pic-A-Talk. She is our frontend developer and has helped desisgn the look and feel of Pic-A-Talk.

The Machine Learning Engineer

Shealtiel was the first member of Pic-A-talk, previously known as Team U.S.E. He joined the team because for him it was a chance to help others using his technical skills. He is a full-stack developer with experience developing technology using Machine Learning.

The SLP-in-Training

Johanna is the team’s SLP. She’s currently taking her master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. She has experience training non-verbal children with special needs in using AAC devices to communicate. She has shared with us how these children are evaluated and the different types of AAC devices that are appropriate for each of them. She will help us design Pic-A-Talk in such a way that it is appropriate for all cases.

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